Friday, September 30, 2011

Fiber Fever Friday #2

Fiber Fever Friday

Today's wonderful stash addition... It's a bunch of Supermerino from ArtYarns...

Last week I mentioned that Superwife sprung a new baby item request on me with a due date of 10/6 (for the item, not the baby).  Well this is the yarn for a very cute (and very fast working) baby shrug!  I started it last night and am already about a third of the way into it...  I think it'll miss out on WIP Wednesday next week (because I'm hoping it'll make an appearance on Ta-Da! Tuesday ;-) and so here are a couple pics of how it works up!

Superwife has to go in to the office again tomorrow, so I'm left at home alone to entertain myself... What shall I do? 

I wish everyone a very happy, and relaxed, weekend!
Happy knitting everyone!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday #2

Really busy at work right now.  Busier than I'd like to be anyway :) Seems like everything comes due all at once.  This isn't really unexpected.  I find that in my work the due dates come in waves.  Ah well... On with the knitting!

As I mentioned yesterday all of the panels are made for the wedding afghan, so all I have to do is the making up and border.  So at the moment, I only have one thing on the needles...

This is just about the first half of a brand new baby hat... (Thanks again Steph!)  The hat is actually knit flat and then through  some magic origami, it is is stitched together to make the cutest baby hat ever!

Of course the queue is growing faster than the outpile, and up next I've got a gorgeous baby shrug to cast on in a yarn that is not blue...  I love blue, and blue is my favorite color, but after the two booties and this hat, I'm ready to work in another color.  :)

It's Hump Day!  Knit happy everyone!

P.s. - Check out Tamisamis and Yarn Along for more WIPs!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ta-Da! Tuesday #2

Well, it's Ta-Da! Tuesday again...                                                                  [as seen on Woolythyme]

...and having worked diligently all weekend, I have two finished objects today!

The first is a 100% completed pair of booties:

Aren't they cute?

The second finished object is the 4th and last panel for the wedding afghan I've been working on.  Shew! The wedding is in 11 days and like 8 states away.  All that's left is the making up and border which won't take long.

I can't wait to give this blanket to its recipient so I can put photos up! :) It's going to be a stunner...

I've had so many crunch projects lately that I've had to restrict myself to working on only two at a time, but I have managed to start the next project already.  Check back tomorrow for, WIP Wednesday!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Saturdays like today are for rain.

Saturdays like today are for tea.

Saturdays like today are for warm soft gingersnaps baking in the oven.

Saturdays like today are perfect for knitting.

...with tea and gingersnaps.      :-)

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fiber Fever Friday #1

In keeping with the themed weekdays, I find that today must be "Fiber Fever Friday" and I've got a huge lot of beautiful 100% Alpaca Cascade Eco Duo yarn that will become a warm sweater or cardigan sometime this winter... :)

It's luxuriously soft and at half off I just couldn't resist -- I bought them out at Coordinated Colors.

Everybody have weekend plans?  SuperWife and I were planning on antiquing on Saturday but it appears she may have to go in to work... Ah well, I desperately need to work on my current projects.  The Water Lily Afghan is a gift for my best friend who is getting married October 8th, and the current baby items (booties and a hat) are for a friend's who's due to have her baby on the 24th!  Oh, the deadlines!

SuperWife tells me she needs another baby item by the 6th of October... nothing like a good head's up... :)

That's okay, if I'm armed with plenty of free time, some really good hot tea, and a boatload of audiobooks, then I should be set for the duration.  Hmm... May need some cookies though... Soft Gingersnaps perhaps?

Have a knit-ful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

W(ork) I(n) P(rogress) Wednesday! #1

It's WIP Wednesday and I just wanted to share what I've got on the needles and hooks!

Am working on Bootie #2... They tell me socks and shoes and things come in twos... ;-)

It's about 50% done...

The other thing I'm currently working on is a beautiful afghan... I've got 3 panels down and am on the last one... Then all that's left is the making up and border.  WooHoo!  I love to make afghans -- they might just be my favorite things -- because you feel so accomplished when you're done.  They're beautiful and warm and soft, plus you get to tell people that's what 150,000 stitches looks like :)

Sorry, I've removed the afghan pictures temporarily...  They'll be back as soon as the blanket has been gifted!

The plan is to have the booties, a hat and this fourth panel completed by the end of the weekend so I can start on my next project -- to be revealed next week!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ta-Da! Tuesday #1

This weekend I was searching desperately for a pattern I needed before I went on a yarn crawl on Saturday.  I had so much trouble finding this pattern on Friday that I started cold-emails to that big and wonderful group of people the Ravelers .  (If you knit and or crochet and haven't realized how wonderful is then you really should go and set up an account asap!)  I really hate to burden people with a pattern request -- especially since I know how inconvenient that can be, but I must say that SP-M is right -- Knitters are just great people...

My sincerest thanks goes out to my new friend and fellow blogger, soyknits, for her heroic pattern rescue on Saturday!  She has a great blog, Woolythyme and has inspired me to adopt her 'Ta-Da Tuesdays' and 'WIP (Work In Progress) Wednesdays'  :).    I have really enjoyed getting to know her through her blog and I especially like getting to know someone through their blog when our lives intersect.  Obviously we both knit, but we share a love for old wood, craft rooms, lobster, road trips, St. Louis, yarn crawls, gardening (when it's not too hot), dogs (see mine below), cooking/baking, CSAs, and I'm sure there's more but she hasn't blogged about it yet!
Anyway, without further ado, it's...

Ta-Da Tuesday!

Although I have always dreamt of being a sock knitter, the process has always seemed too complicated... there are so many things to worry about -- the heel flap, the gusset, the kitchener stitch... Oh lord, it seemed so difficult... Until I saw the pattern for this and could not resist:


Armed with a Stephanie Pearl-McPhee pattern, the greatest blue yarn ever, and a new Clover Pom Pom maker, I was ready to tackle my first sock, or, um, bootie. :)

And the result of that fated weekend yarn crawl (my last for a while I assure you):


Sunday, September 18, 2011


R and I are waiting on our friend S to have her baby... she's really pregnant...  I've finished her baby blanket, R has finished a cross-stitch birth record, and now I've started some booties for the little guy...

The pattern is SPM's 'Cutest Booties' and these are worked in Prism Merino Mia yarn - Denim colorway...

Still a work in progress (WIP) but take a look anyway:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Addi Heaven...

Happy (early) Birthday to me!

In preparation for my birthday on the 21st -- and due in part to a great introductory sale, AmEx reward points, and a little cash -- I am now the proud owner of a complete Addi Click Turbo set (see the beautiful pictures below :)

Thank you's to my beautiful wife R, Dharma Trading Co., Skacel Knitting, and, of course, Addi!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Baby Blanket for Sarah

Although this has been completed for a couple weeks now, I wanted to provide some photos of this beautifully soft baby blanket!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Work Update

Well, this past holiday weekend was wonderful. I flew to Atlanta and traveled to Byron, GA to spend the weekend visiting with a close friend who also enjoys knitting (she is The Hippie Homemaker -- link on right). We spent the weekend cooking, playing with her new baby, seeking out and buying lots of yarn and, of course, working on our fiber arts projects. My friend, C, makes wonderful and beautiful knitted hats.

For my part, I managed to finish the second of 4 panels for the wedding afghan I need to complete by October 8th… This is going to be a beautiful blanket. With all the new yarn, however, I am struggling to suppress a bout of startitis. All these wonderful yarns just beg to be cast on. I have been able to suppress this desire for the time being since I am on a deadline for the blanket. Has anyone not had this problem?

Aside from my 4 day stitch-and-b!tch (which really was great) I have to mention the other highlight of the weekend. We visited the local yarn store in Macon, GA, Creative Yarns, and it has got to be the largest, most beautiful, and best stocked LYS that I have ever been to. If you are ever in the area of Macon, GA make sure this store is on your must-do list!