Friday, December 23, 2011

The Eye of the Storm

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to drop a note and let everyone know that we've made it through the long haul .... literally.  Last week we packed everything into a huge truck and drove 900 miles to Memphis, TN where we unloaded it into a storage unit. 

We waited on the final transfer notice from the Navy for so long, that we couldn't sign a lease on anything before we moved. 

After the move, I came on home to stay with my family in Arkansas (5 hours from Memphis) and SuperWife returned for her last week at work in Virginia Beach, VA.  She is leaving our old home and heading to Arkansas to be with both our families for the holiday.  So it definitely feels like the calm in the center of a hurricane.  Next week she'll travel to Memphis to find us a temporary dwelling while we search for a house and then the next weekend we'll move our priority items into that space.  So we have a small move and another big move in our future but the hardest part -- packing it all and moving it 900 miles -- is behind us.

Thank you to everyone for their prayers and well wishes -- they have been very much appreciated -- we have felt very welcomed and cared about!

In other news, the holiday candy making has been in full swing this week at home.  We've made Candied Orange Peel, Krispy Peanut Butter Balls, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Honeyed Short Bread,  and Orange Scones...  Still to go, we have Peppermint Meringues and Chocolate Macaroons!

Houdini (the cat), SuperWife and I want to wish you much happiness during your Holiday celebrations this year!

Knit Happy Everybody!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday #12

Hey All,

So during the move I needed something portable and small and that worked up quickly.  So I started the first of 4 hats and of 8 commissioned works that I need to work up.

The works are for a very nice family near home - a husband, wife, and two sons.  4 hat/scarf combos.  The pattern will be the same for the two boys and the husband and so I'm really excited to find that I'm loving this pattern from Ravelry (see yesterday's post for a link) -- it's engaging enough to keep me interested and the pattern is simple enough to memorize quickly.

I think it looks nice too:

I won a set of these little sheep markers a couple months ago... Aren't they cute!  They came in black, white, and grey...

I've been trying to work on this hat when I'm sitting in on conference calls... That's a lot of time durin which I'm not doing anything else with my hands.

The pictures didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped... this yarn is hard to photograph well but those pictures should give a good idea of what it looks like...

Happy Knitting Everyone!

What are you all working on?  Feel free to share a link to your projects below!
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ta-Da! #12.... on hold.

Hey All,

Well, I'm officially on hold.  As in my life, projects, and all my things are in a state of suspension around the house.  We've almost completely packed the non-essentials and are down to the truly essential pieces now.  With 8 days to go until we load the truck.  We're down to the single digits and isn't that scary?

My poor blanket, was put on hold as it was packed with the rest of my stash:

Ah, well, it'll re-surface, hopefully in the near future and not much later as an UFO (un-finished object), as Woolythyme refers to them...

In the mean time, since I can't be without anything to work on, and even though I have virtually no time in which to knit, I've cast on the first of the 8 commissioned works that I need to complete.  It is, or will be, a very nice charcoal grey hat for a gentlemen.  The pattern is from the Dapperly Dashing Scarf & Hat combo on Ravelry...

Pictures tomorrow for WIP Wednesday, I promise...  In the meantime, feel my pain (or at least Sasha's) would you?

The bookcases are all as empty as the one for my cookbooks here (so no food comforts):

The exercise equipment has been dismantled for the move and buried in kitchen boxes (so no endorphin comforts):

and, perhaps worst of all, my neat and orderly garage has been metamorphosing into box mountain:

Sasha has never moved before and is clearly unhappy about the entire situation:

Oh well, this will all work itself out and for the better... eventually.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Join me tomorrow for Work-In-Progress Wednesday!