Saturday, May 19, 2012

Radio Silence

Hello Everyone!

My apologies for the radio silence -- there's been a whole lot going on...

Superwife and I moved into the new house and we've been unpacking and enjoying every minute of our new home ownership!  The house is looking beautiful and we have a lot of plans, of course, but we'll be making those changes slowly.

Here's a few shots from the other night -- the lighting's not great but I'll get some better ones soon:

 This is our Knitting/Reading library... Check out all of those windows!  So exciting!!!

Also during the last month, I've been underwater at work, have made a couple of trips home, and been on several interviews.

Last Tuesday, however, I got a job offer on a WONDERFUL new job with a local office!  A big increase in pay, comparable benefits, a seemingly competent and, more importantly, considerate manager all amounted to a career shift I couldn't turn down.  I've been with my current job for six years and I am definitely looking forward to this change.

You know, they say that if you aren't happy with your life, make a change...  Well a year ago, R and I were relatively unhappy in our location (too far from family) and in both of our jobs (R's too stressful and mine too unstable).  So we moved to Memphis with a new job for R and now, I'm happy to say, a new job for me.  So with a new city, house, and jobs we are officially turning the corner on our old life -- and that feels awesome!

We've made many changes in the past year, and while all of them were good, it's been pretty stressful.  So I think between my old job and my new one, I'm going to take a couple of weeks off.  I'll visit with some artist friends in eastern TN, attend the Tennessee Fiber Festival in Dickson, and just generally knit.  A LOT.

My knitting has kind of gotten out of control...  Not the amount of time I've been spending knitting (which is almost non-existent) but the amount of projects I have going...  Today I had to have that talk with myself about it.  The one where you acknowledge that you have a problem (mostly because you work with interchangeable needles and all of your cables are occupied!) and then you take your current projects and divide them up into short-term and long-term goals while promising yourself that you won't start anything new until you finish some of them.  So after talking with and bartering with myself, we've come to a compromise of sorts.... I'm going to wrap up all of my short term projects before I start anything new.  With some time off, it shouldn't be a problem.

So in the Short Term I've got the following:

 Baby blanket:  The center of this blanket is in the home stretch -- just an hour or so and I'll have this thing knocked out (well, except for the lacy border).

Dapper Man's scarf and hat:  The hat is done and an evening's work on the scarf will finish it up...

Baby Vest with Cables:  I started this a couple months ago -- it's been my "cheat" knitting -- you know what I'm talking about -- what you knit for fun when you should be knitting something you need to finish...

EZ's basic knit hat with ribbing:  This was one of my first "actual" projects... I started this when I first learned to knit and now I just need to wrap it up -- I don't think it'll take more than an hour or two either...

Chunky Seed Stitch Rug:  This moves very fast - and with all the hardwood flooring we have now, we kind of need this rug...

In the Long Term I'll continue working on:

Traveling Spanish Dancer shawl for R:  Lots of work left to do on this guy...

Dapperly Dashing Scarf and Hat sets (there are two):  This is a fun pattern and I'm looking forward to doing it in two new color schemes... (Blue and Gray, and Red and Gray)

Alaskan Nights Afghan:  I finished one of these a year ago for myself but my Mother-In-Law has decided she wants one for Christmas this year...

I hope I can stay committed to this plan!  Although SuperWife and I have plans to spend our $100+ groupons at two LYS's on Saturday.  I'm sure I will be able to resist buying something new and coming home inspired to cast on yet again since I don't have any free interchangeable cables.

...although maybe they sell Addi Click cables in the stores?

Have a great weekend everyone!