Wednesday, September 21, 2011

W(ork) I(n) P(rogress) Wednesday! #1

It's WIP Wednesday and I just wanted to share what I've got on the needles and hooks!

Am working on Bootie #2... They tell me socks and shoes and things come in twos... ;-)

It's about 50% done...

The other thing I'm currently working on is a beautiful afghan... I've got 3 panels down and am on the last one... Then all that's left is the making up and border.  WooHoo!  I love to make afghans -- they might just be my favorite things -- because you feel so accomplished when you're done.  They're beautiful and warm and soft, plus you get to tell people that's what 150,000 stitches looks like :)

Sorry, I've removed the afghan pictures temporarily...  They'll be back as soon as the blanket has been gifted!

The plan is to have the booties, a hat and this fourth panel completed by the end of the weekend so I can start on my next project -- to be revealed next week!

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