Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ta-Da! Tuesday #2

Well, it's Ta-Da! Tuesday again...                                                                  [as seen on Woolythyme]

...and having worked diligently all weekend, I have two finished objects today!

The first is a 100% completed pair of booties:

Aren't they cute?

The second finished object is the 4th and last panel for the wedding afghan I've been working on.  Shew! The wedding is in 11 days and like 8 states away.  All that's left is the making up and border which won't take long.

I can't wait to give this blanket to its recipient so I can put photos up! :) It's going to be a stunner...

I've had so many crunch projects lately that I've had to restrict myself to working on only two at a time, but I have managed to start the next project already.  Check back tomorrow for, WIP Wednesday!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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