Friday, September 23, 2011

Fiber Fever Friday #1

In keeping with the themed weekdays, I find that today must be "Fiber Fever Friday" and I've got a huge lot of beautiful 100% Alpaca Cascade Eco Duo yarn that will become a warm sweater or cardigan sometime this winter... :)

It's luxuriously soft and at half off I just couldn't resist -- I bought them out at Coordinated Colors.

Everybody have weekend plans?  SuperWife and I were planning on antiquing on Saturday but it appears she may have to go in to work... Ah well, I desperately need to work on my current projects.  The Water Lily Afghan is a gift for my best friend who is getting married October 8th, and the current baby items (booties and a hat) are for a friend's who's due to have her baby on the 24th!  Oh, the deadlines!

SuperWife tells me she needs another baby item by the 6th of October... nothing like a good head's up... :)

That's okay, if I'm armed with plenty of free time, some really good hot tea, and a boatload of audiobooks, then I should be set for the duration.  Hmm... May need some cookies though... Soft Gingersnaps perhaps?

Have a knit-ful weekend everyone!


  1. Oh that yarn looks gorgeous, I just want to stroke it!

  2. Ah, there's nothing like an epic yarn score to lift your spirits! And that is a serious score -- beautiful stuff!

  3. The yarn looks so soft and I really like the colors. I make a really good soft ginger snap....hmmm going to have to make them soon!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful comments everyone! I wish I could convey exactly how sensuous this yarn is...

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  5. I love the Cascade Eco Duo yarn! The sweater is going to be amazingly soft!