Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Tails: A tale of two tales...

Long long ago (like in May) our owners took us to the vet and asked that we be put down because they simply didn't want us anymore.  That wonderful vet called the Schnauzer Love Rescue society and we were whisked away in secret on the puppy underground to a wonderful foster family in Memphis, TN.  They took us in and got us cleaned up, taught us manners for in the house and how to play and have fun.  Slowly we gained weight and our coats became healthy again.  Doodles lost her heartworms and Taz his... well, let's just say his line ends with him.  We were wary at first having hopped around so much, but we eventually decided we could be at home here and love these people.

But then on Saturday we went for a car ride and met some nice new people.  They had a clean house and a fenced back yard and room in their hearts for two small miniature schnauzers.  Resolving ourselves to leave our foster family, we decided this morning that we will adopt these new people...  They need us, and we want to go where we are needed.  Our fosters will be sad to see us go after such a long time, but they will still have Sasha and Roxie to care for them so we're not worried.

So congratulate us on our final move -- because we have found a home!

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