Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ta-Da! Tuesday #15

Good Morning Everybody!

Well, I finally have completed the oiling and reconstruction of the beautiful wheel my wonderful wife, R, surprised me with at Christmas!  Now I just have to learn how to use it...

For anyone who doesn't know, on Christmas day my wife gave me a card which said that she had procured for me a spinning wheel that I had been coveting for some time and that we just had to go pick it up in Atlanta.  The last weekend in January, we set off to go and get it.  It was a good weekend with friends and on our way home we stopped to pick it up.  It's a beautiful wheel but it was unfinished.  Doug, (remember Doug from my retreat last fall?  He of the Perpensockular socks) suggested that I take it apart and oil it with some Danish oil which would not only give the wood a nice "glow" but would also harden the surface to protect it.

After driving home in this for 6 hours:

I started the oiling of this wheel.  But with no time to work on it during the week and a rainy weekend every weekend for a month(!), it took a long time to finish the project.

It's done now, however, so I give you my beautiful new (to me) Mach spinning wheel from Spinolutions:

 On another note, I've been battling a sinus infection for two weeks now, and here's why:

Apparently, Memphis doesn't really do winter and instead likes to skip to spring early so everything's in bloom here now and there's lots and lots of pollen in the air.  Oh well....

Happy Ta-Da! Tuesday Everyone!

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  1. Very nice. I will be looking to see pictures of you spinning with it. I really want one but will have to wait. A friend offered me an old spinning wheel if her daughter doesn't want it-it needs work-and I told her I would gladly take it off her hands! Can't wait to see your yarn!

  2. oh, Joseph--that wheel is gorgeous....but it sure looks complicated! I think I'd keep it for a piece of art--the heck with the spinning!!!