Monday, March 26, 2012

Laying low...

Hey Everyone,

March has been a crazy busy month.  We went home the first weekend to visit family and celebrate a birthday.  Poor R has injured a tendon in her foot and has had to wear a boot around -- everywhere.  For an environmental engineer who has a lot of outside groundwork, that's a problem.  There was a shooting at my apartment complex and a car in the parking lot got all shot up [scary] and we had to replace the brake assembly in one car and the battery in the other (in the same day and when the first was leaking brake fluid from a bad repair job).  The list goes on and on but let's just say that I've been laying low as much as possible the last couple of weeks to avoid the bad luck monsterwhile I've been interviewing for local jobs, preparing to close on the house, and getting ready to move... Again.

Any time that was available for knitting has been totally eaten up by said activities -- or car trouble.

We have our walk-through tomorrow, close on the house on Thursday and then move as soon as possible!  R and I are super excited!!!

Not much potential for knitting progress in the next week or two, but then watch out! :)

In the meantime here are some of my favorite links to friends with great knitting blogs, and some relevant knitting cartoons as we've been playing Star Wars in the background of our packing...

Happy Knitting Everyone!

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