Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Tails : Maci

This is Maci:

She is 6 months old, a beautiful black color, and full of energy and love.  She came to us through the Schnauzer Love Rescue society after being surrendered by an owner who could no longer take care of her.  She took to us and her new siblings (Roxie and Sasha) pretty quickly and was giving excellent hugs in no time...

She loves to run and play and jump.  Maci could jump 3 feet off the ground which is no small feet when you're 12 inches tall.  She would greet us every time we came home like we had been away forever and although we only had her for 8 days, she had carved herself out a nice little niche in our family.

This past Saturday, however, we packed her up and drove with her to Corinth, MS to meet her new family. The hand-off was a sad affair.  Maci was scared of the parking lot and clung to us looking for reassurance.  I am always amazed at the emotion you can see in a schnauzer's eyes -- and I could see that she was scared and confused.  But she will be alright -- her new family comprises two loving and well schooled schnauzer lovers and 3 brothers waiting at home for her.

We wish her well and miss her enthusiasm in our home...

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