Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Update

I'm working hard to wrap up projects that are keeping me from my knitting time... I've got some good posts that are awaiting these project completions but I just can't seem to find enough time in the day to wrap them up.

The house buying is going really well.  We've got a purchase contract nailed out and the house has passed inspection and the (all minor) repair negotiations so the last hurdle to jump is the appraisal before we can revel in a big sigh of relief.  It's a beautiful house and I cannot wait to take it over and yarn it up!  I'll include a few photos of the inside at the bottom of the post...

I got these first two pictures this evening.  I made this hat for this little guy months ago, but he's just grown into it.  Don't you just love it when the things you make and send out into the world are truly appreciated?  I know this little guy just loves the hat on his head ;-)

What a happy and inquisitive looking guy this is...  Love it!

As promised, here are a couple pictures from the inside of *our* house (note: these shots were taken during the seller's possession of the home -- we really considered writing this woman's services as an interior decorator into our purchase contract -- she's just that good.):

Anyway, things are looking up and we are making progress towards a calmer, slower pace of life.  

I hope that you are enjoying a happy and healthy 2012 and that it bring as much excitement and joy to your life as it has so far to ours!

Knit Happy Everyone!


  1. The house is fabulous!!!! Beautiful hardwood floors!!! How soon will you all actually be living there??????
    For some strange reason, your blog came up on my computer HUGE and I could only see half the screen (I'm sure this is user error--new computer, you know!) but the little guy is adorable. Not sure who he is!!! Hat is darn cute, too!

    1. Thanks! We're really excited about the house, especially the hardwood floors and the coffered ceilings! We're closing on the 29th of March and moving in just after April 1st...

      Let me know what your resolution is if you are continuing to have trouble, it's under the System Preferences --> Display option in OS X. So far I haven't had any trouble but I made some changes yesterday, so if you continue to have trouble please let me know.

      This little guy is a treat to know. He's the first baby of one of our good friends in VA. He's really excited about life and expresses everything through his eyes.