Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuesday Ta-Da! Day #13

Good morning and Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Superwife, Sasha (the dog), Houdini (the cat) and I are all settled into our new dwelling in Cordova, TN -- a Memphis suburb.  We are finally returning to a sense of normalcy even though we are a house divided (between apartment and storage unit).

The house-hunt is going pretty well and we have found two that have great potential for us, so we shall see about them in due time.

I have finally unpacked and settled into something of a knitting routine again and it has been a great relief to return to something of a schedule.  On that note, and since it is Tuesday Ta-Da! day,  I give you the Dapperly Dashing hat from Ravelry:

This being the first of the three that were commissioned before we began our move.  The pattern, although not displayed well in this photograph, is a fun and easy pattern to work on -- especially in the round.

The companion piece, the Dapperly Dashing Scarf, is in progress now...

Also, I would like to mention that January is National Hot Tea month so in this, the dead of winter, you have every reason to put the kettle on!  There are 31 ways to celebrate hot tea this month and they can each be found here: Ways to Celebrate Hot Tea Month

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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