Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday #12

Hey All,

So during the move I needed something portable and small and that worked up quickly.  So I started the first of 4 hats and of 8 commissioned works that I need to work up.

The works are for a very nice family near home - a husband, wife, and two sons.  4 hat/scarf combos.  The pattern will be the same for the two boys and the husband and so I'm really excited to find that I'm loving this pattern from Ravelry (see yesterday's post for a link) -- it's engaging enough to keep me interested and the pattern is simple enough to memorize quickly.

I think it looks nice too:

I won a set of these little sheep markers a couple months ago... Aren't they cute!  They came in black, white, and grey...

I've been trying to work on this hat when I'm sitting in on conference calls... That's a lot of time durin which I'm not doing anything else with my hands.

The pictures didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped... this yarn is hard to photograph well but those pictures should give a good idea of what it looks like...

Happy Knitting Everyone!

What are you all working on?  Feel free to share a link to your projects below!
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