Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SWAG Wednesday!

Hey Everyone,

I've been thinking it over ever since I left the retreat on Sunday and I've decided that Knitters are happier people than average... I dunno if it's the proximity to all the natural fibers or what but I have rarely been in such an uplifting group as I was at SEMKR.  What do you all think?

Well yesterday I promised a post on all the great SWAG from the retreat so here it is:

We all got a very nice tote from Skacel -- it's very well organized and is built as well as you would expect...

I got quite a bit of sock yarn -- there's two large skeins of Regia Color, two more of Regia Galaxy Saturn, a skein of Riveting made from recycled blue jeans, and a skein of undyed Sheila's Sock from Wool2Dye4!

I also got a couple skeins of worsted weight Baby Alpaca and Jezebel from SWTC...

Finally, in the gift exchange, I won a stack of Jamieson's 2 ply 100% Pure Shetland Spindrift Wool!

Let's see, we also received some magazines and books:
      -The holiday issue of Love of Knitting
      -Cast On magazine
      -Skacel's Simplicity volume no. 3 - Men's Patterns featuring a Scarf/Hat/Glove set created by our coordinator, SmallTownKnitGuy!
      -Guy Knits from XRX
      -Zitron's Natural Yarn Children's pattern booklet

And finally there were some really great patterns donated:
      -Herbivore and Clockwork by Stephen West (Westknits)
      -Slip Stitch Wrist Warmers by Sheila Trunzo
      -And best of all, The Knitting Mill, created an exclusive sock pattern just for our retreat.  It goes on sale in Ravelry this week and part of the proceeds go toward sponsoring a scholarship to the retreat next year!

I also won a copy of Cat Bordhi's new Sweet Tomato Heel sock book -- also available on Ravelry.

I feel like there's a lot more that I'm forgetting about -- but let's just say that the retreat was a wonderful experience not to be forgotten and I'm really looking forward to next year's retreat already!

I also wanted to share some photos of the retreat center:

I also forgot to mention Doug's small intro to spinning lesson!

And his awesome Perpen-sock-ular Socks!

Well that's it for this week folks... I've got a lot of work and sleep to catch up on...

Happy Knitting Everyone!


  1. What a beautiful place! It's truly fall. Amazing rainbow socks...I'd like to learn how to spin one of these days.

  2. Thanks! The only cloudy day we had was the last day -- when I took the pictures -- otherwise the sunlight lit up all the reds, golds, and oranges! Beautiful country there. I know, Doug's lesson really made me want a wheel!

  3. wow, how exciting! what a lovely retreat! and all your new goodies, love jamieson's. and what is the DARLING moose bag?! thank you for sharing, now i would really love to go on a knitting retreat.

  4. Thanks! It was, without a doubt, the best knitting experience I've ever had :)

    The Jamieson's is very nice. I'm especially excited to see how the Regia Galaxy Saturn knits up -- I hear it makes for some impressive socks!

    The Moose/Elk bag is a custom made by Knitterbag on Etsy. She did a really nice job on it and I'm very excited to have received it. I would definitely recommend her without any hesitation. On this bag, I asked her to add a smaller loop below the handle so the bag can be attached to a belt or belt loop with a carabiner and she was more than happy to oblige me :) The link to her shop is:

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. I'm finding it hard to say anything other than "aw, I'm so jealous"!!!

    Great swag and it looks like loads of fun.

  6. :) Thanks it was a real blast!

    Now that I've been, I can highly recommend attending a knitting retreat. I was nervous about committing to it when I signed up -- and, in fact, I debated it for several days not knowing what I'd be getting myself into, but I needn't have done that at all...

  7. Wow what a wonderful time you had. All that great swag! And especially loving the phot of all the rocking chairs, fantastic.

  8. Great fun going back a few posts and reading about your retreat. Don't you just love those?
    Those socks on the treadle that appear to have been knit sideways have me quite intrigued.

  9. Aren't they cool socks? He did one regular and one from this pattern called Perpen-Sock-ular:

  10. Wow, great photo's, looks like an amazing time and what a lot of lovley things you managed to pick up! I love the yarn but also the cute bag with the reindeer on caught my eye!!

  11. What an amazing retreat! It looks like you had a very good (and productive!) time. I feel inspired!