Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ta-Da! Tuesday #6

Good morning everyone!  I had a great time this past weekend.  I spent Saturday meeting new knitting friends in a new yarn store in Virginia Beach and just had a blast!  I met with SmallTownKnitGuy for lunch and then we headed over to the Yarn Club where we perused the store becoming inspired and then sat down to knit with the fun collection of ladies and one personable gentlemen, crafywineaux, for the afternoon.  I've never been before to an actual sit'n'knit, or stitch'n'bitch or whatever one prefers to call it, but it was a helluva lotta fun with knitters arriving and leaving throughout the afternoon...  Good times.

Well it's Ta-Da! Tuesday again, I haven't forgotten, but I have no FOs to show you this morning!  Instead, I'm going to show you a finished object that SuperWife has recently completed:

It's a birth record for one of her dear friends in Norfolk and her first child (the very same that received the Bouncing Baby Hat and booties) and she did a fine job with it!

Sasha, our miniature Schnauzer, helped a lot:

As for me, tune in tomorrow for WIP Wednesday to see what I've been up to...

Happy Knitting Everyone!

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  1. Your Schnauzer is lovely. We have a black and silver one that we adore! I wish that we had someplace like that around here!

  2. Thanks! She looks so much better when she's all clean and groomed properly... I wish I had found out about it earlier than weeks before a move!